Syracuse, Sea Monsters & Spirals!

June 1834

Once again, the Wasteland Commission stand firm against those who would strike against the British Empire! Though the battle was tough, another mighty enemy - this time Archmedies - is laid low as he rightly deserves!
On the way, we once again fought those foul serpant people and this time- mighty sea monsters!

Note- due to the danger I was called upon fight many a mighty foe myself so consequntly alot of the pictures are of memembers of the Wasteland commision during moments of non-peril.
This should in no-way deminish the danger!

Prepare to be astonished as only photography can!

The great Seamonster of legend "Charybdis"
 Or the other way around
The other great Seamonster "Scylla"
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The Wasteland Commission parlay with a True Djin in his own domain!
.... and Marius
His Grace Duke Cavendish plys his legendry witts
against a fiendsh, trueblooded snakeperson!
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Whilst the stout hearts of the
Wasteland Commision stand ready!
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Duke Cavendish negotiates hard...
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with able assistance from his advisors
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Master Falconbrook is always ready
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Whilst Windbinder Mallory is fearless
in the face of danger!
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A powerfull warrior takes a moment of rest...
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and is beset by another...
but only in jest!
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Brother Nephyr contemplates a solution...
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Rev. Hamberwell rests from his endevors..
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Griffin survails the way ahead
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with unflinhing determination...


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